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By Robert Krausert, October 2009

OregonRocketry Sheridan 2009 Report

Want to start off by saying thank you everyone for an enjoyable and memorable weekend. Your participation and attendance are what makes an event like this such much more the reason why to come back again each year. I’m rewarded when you and your kids smile and go “Wow” each time a rocket flies. I know we contributed to the NAR “Pay it Forward” objective, and bringing enthusiasm to our youth – our future. TRA is also proud of our effort promoting the sport of rocketry, as well. Without the support of TRA and NAR, we’d not have the privileges we have today. No politics in this report, I promise. But, we are the ones to enable and inspire the next generation into an exciting future. It’s great to see so many young flyers at this event, and the level of support they receive. From everyone.

I’m not ignoring the BAR folks. Everyone at the launch; young and old, new and long time, I hope this launch was enjoyable and successful for you, and you’ll join us again at futures OregonRocketry events.

We had approximately 186 people at the event this year, plus or minus a few. This years event held a special last minute requirement by the land owner and fire marshall to not drive onto the field. The scalped wheat field was a fire hazard and concerned many. This request came late Friday. Many that arrived Saturday were accepting of these changes. Even though it meant packing in your supplies and equipment. Appeared everyone kept their spirits up and accepted the change. Certainly something I’m sorry that happened. But something that occured last minute and out of the clubs control. The Sharf’s allow us the use of their land once per year, and we truly appreciate that and something most other land onwers would never consider. We, OregonRocketry, have something great and would never want to risk losing it. Thank you to the Sharf’s for the privilege of using the land to hold such a great and popular event.

I’d like to send a big thank you to Joe Bevier for bringing the trailer out Thursday and helping to unload it. I’d like to thank Tim Ryerse and Keith Packard for helping with setup Friday Morning. Again, thank you Joe Bevier for hauling the trailer after the event.

Want to thank Gary Fillible and Paul Bogdanich for the long hours covering LCO duties. Thank you both so much.

Want to thank Mary Ann Ryerse, Tim Ryerse, Joe Bevier, Ken McGoffin for all your hard work at the registration table and Flight Safety Officer table. What an amaing job you did. If I missed someone, thank you too. It seemed like a very busy place throughout the day.

Want to thank Steve Tarr and George Rachor for NAR certifications and Greg Clark for TRA certifications. Special thank you to Steve Tarr for helping new members with questions, advice, etc.

Scout Troop 288, take a bow. This year we had cooked food available. Hamburgers, hot dogs, corn, and so much more. The sauerkraut, fresh chopped onions, etc filled the air. I heard comments from many that they’d not touched the food they brought because Troop 288’s food was so good. Truly appreciate you being there and offering the event good eats and keeping tummies happy… 😉 You’re welcome back any time.

I know I missed too many. Thank you Tim Ryerse and John Lyngdal for the morning coffee. Thank you John Hornsby and Mark Dunkle for helping to hail equipment up and back from the launch site for visitors.

We did hold several drawings on Saturday for prizes. Thank you to Sunriver Bob, Mike with Binder Design, and Polk co.4H for the prizes. One kit from Clark co. 4H, 2 kits and $40 gift card with Sunriver, and built Samurai from Binder Design. Our grand prize was the Binder Design Samurai, built and painted – a very cool 6+ feet tall rocket. The winner was a young man, guessing 5 years old, and the rocket looked like about 3 times the winners current height. The young man’s smile was wide walking away when trying to lift/hold on to it. And I was teared seeing the smile. Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Paul Bogdanich flew Dave Connet’s rocket on a G79W because Dave couldn’t attend. Thank you Paul. Dave, we all wish fast healing and hope to see you at meetings and launches soon. Follow the doctors’ orders and we’ll see you soon to BS again.

To Tom Schramm’s family… Thank you for joining us for the launch. Deeply apologize to Henry that the night launch was canceled. I know how much Henry and many others were looking forward to it. It was a hard choice. Because of range and fire conditions, the closing of launches at 6pm was a decision I had to make. I know I didn’t make people happy. It was my decision only to close at 6pm, and I think the correct one. It was great to watch Tim Ryerse and your two kids review rockets and their fun running with a chute. Tom, you realize that they’ll want more? See you at Wilsonville and Brothers launches. 😉

Looks like 452 flights for the weekend.

Before I close… Congratulations to Tim Ryerse on your level 2 certification under TRA. Job well done. Get out the credit card.

Many learnings and improvements for future launches. But not in this report.

Great weekend, end report.

OROC President