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By Robert Braibish, Updated November 2009


Sheridan is…


Sheridan is located approximately 7 miles Southeast of the city of Sheridan, OR.


Water: no available water

Electricity: no

Sewer/RV Dump: no

Porta-potties: No

Cellular Service: Yes

Food: There are no on-site food vendors or facilities. The nearby cities of Sheridan and Dallas offers grocery and restaurant choices.

Gas:The nearest gas station is approximately 10 miles from the site in Sheridan.


Fires: No open fires allowed.

Fireworks: No fireworks allowed.

Flight Waivers

4,500 ‘ waivers are typical.

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Sheridan Site

Sheridan Site map 2

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GPS Information

Sheridan SiteLat 45.044176 N; Long 123.314323 W


Flying season temperatures average from a low of 40 to a high of 80, with extremes from 20 to 95 degrees. Winds average 0-5 mph, lower in the AM or mid-day, with peaks to 15 mph. There is a neglible chance of rain during summer months. Winter months are very likely to have overcast and light drizzle.

The field is north of a paved country road and offers plenty of room for recovery. Certain times of the year may have crops in the field that make recovery more challenging.

Current Web Cam View and Weather Conditions

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Web Cam View – Oregon 18 at Valley Junction ORE 22
RoadCam - ORE18 at Valley Junction - ORE 22