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By David Randall, October 2009


60 Acres Park is a large open grassy field primary used for soccer. The organization that manages the field (LWYSA) allows non-soccer use including rocketry as a casual drop in activity when official tournaments or soccer practices are not taking place. The location is sufficient in size to support up to several hundred flyers and spectators.


60 Acres Park is located approximately 1 mile north of the city of Redmond.


Water: no available water

Electricity: no

Sewer/RV Dump: no

Porta-potties: Yes, brought in for soccer season, but removed or limited during off-season

Cellular Service: Yes

Food: There are no on-site food vendors or facilities. The nearby cities of Redmond, Kirkland and Woodinville offer full grocery and restaurant choices.

Gas:The nearest gas station is approximately 1 mile from the park on Willows Road.


Fires: No open fires allowed.

Fireworks: No fireworks allowed.

Flight Waivers

Class 1 rockets only

Reference Map

60 Acres site

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GPS Information

60 Acres ParkLat 47 deg 48′ 55.18″N; Long 119 deg 25′ 37.87″W


Flying season temperatures average from a low of 40 to a high of 80, with extremes from 20 to 95 degrees. Winds average 0-5 mph, lower in the AM or mid-day, with peaks to 15 mph. There is a neglible chance of rain during summer months. Winter months are very likely to have overcast and light drizzle.

The park is divided into two major flying fields, 60 Acres North and 60 Acres South. The North field typically is used for soccer, and is larger. Trees and blackberry bushes to the west end of the field tend to collect rockets that drift west. To the north, a swampy area beyond the fence can pose a challenge for retrieval. 60 Acres South also has the west edge treeline, and to the south, private farmland and a significant patch of blackberry bushes.

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Web Cam View – North Field
Web Cam View – South Field