Article: 2663
By Ken Kester

The first launch of the year was a great success.

We had excellent weather: Calm winds, fairly temperate for this time of year and no rain.

It was pretty quiet during the first hour but it picked up as the day progressed. We put up 38 flights including two staged launches.

Quite a few new faces today as well as a good showing from the old guard. Thanks to Rich from Bellevue Hobby Center for making it out. Always great to have vendor support.

Here is the motor break out by impulse:

1/2A – 2
A – 5
B – 8
C – 13
D – 2
E – 1
F – 6
G – 3

Bernard Cawley put up the most flights with 12 followed by Jonathan Schaller with 8. Nice!

Thanks to all that made it out. This was my first time at the launch table and I had a great time.

Ken Kester