Article: 0237
By Robert Krausert, October 2009

This was my sons project during the summer of 2005. He wanted to build a minimum diameter rocket at 29mm. Interesting how difficult it became to find scratch components for 29mm.  At the time we couldn’t even find 29mm coupler that was longer than 1-1/2 calibers. We were forced to create our own couplers. Flew first on a G64 at Rocketober 2005. Altimeter reported 2900 feet, some lost altitude caused by wind sheer. Second flight was at a time when there was 99.9% blue sky. Sadly there was a small cloud overhead. Blended perfectly with the cloud and was never seen again. Found a year later, not much of the airframe left. The little critters out at Brothers chewed up all accessible tubing. Altimeter was recovered, but never powered up to download the results. The photos are the original design drawings.