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By Keith Packard May 2010

Wilsonville Memorial Park Launch Event May 9, 2010

Falling on Mother’s day again this year, our May launch was a quieter event than in April, and I noticed several father’s leaving early ‘to go get dinner ready’. We had a great time in any case; the weather cooperated all afternoon with light winds and mostly clear skys. It wasn’t until we were packing up and looked west did we see the looming clouds that kept the city wet for the rest of the following week.

This month brought the inaugural use of our new sound system, provide graciously by Robert Krausert. A huge improvement over yelling, launch announcements were easy to hear. Stefan donated a set of stakes and rope out to mark the flight line which served to encourage people to keep away from the launch area while the range was closed. Two simple efforts to improve safety as the launch seems to be growing in popularity.

While the winds were light early in the afternoon, they picked up later on, and Ed lost his Glider to a tree. I don’t think we had any other losses this month. Reviewing the launch cards, it seems like we’ve got more people using streamers, which is certainly a good choice given our soft field and the ring of trees.

We had a scout troop fly this month who brought quite an assortment of rockets. Thanks for coming!

  • Launches: 72
  • Successful flights: 62
  • Flyers: 36
  • Rockets: 43
  • Most Flights: 8 Ed McBride
  • Biggest Motor: E15-4 Nathan M

Thanks to Ed McBride, Stefan Jones and Tim Ryerse for coming out to help set up this month. Stefan helped out all day at the RSO table too. Mary Ann Ryerse brought cupcakes for the mothers in the crowd and somehow a pack of chocolate cookies ended up on the LCO table at some point.

Hope everyone had as much fun as I did; here’s our Wilsonville calendar for the rest of the year:

 June 13, Sunday 2pm to 5pm
 August 8, Sunday 2pm to 5pm
 October 10, Sunday 2pm to 5pm
 November 14, Sunday 2pm to 5pm

See you out on the range!