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By Robert Krausert, February 2010

February 28th 2010

If there was a rating for todays weather in Tillamook, I’d be hard pressed not to give at least an 8. More like a 9 or 10. Most people arrived by 11:30. We got redirected to another gate, and got to park right on the airport grounds, next to the flight light. Setup nearly completed by 12:00 noon, and begin flying rockets. GSE was we had a rail at 200 feet, rail and rod at 100 feet, and rods at 50 feet. Portable PA system worked fine for the event. Special thank you to Steve Cutonilli, Keith Packard, Randy Birzer, and John Lyngdal for bringing ground support equipment.

With nice weather, we all come out. That includes pilots. We did have some air traffic today. We held to the rules, and didn’t create too many delays. Cloud deck opened and closed throughout the event. Some opportunities for higher flights at times. We were given the frequency of Tillamook Traffic, and could hear in coming aircraft via the radios before seeing them. This was extremely helpful. Big thank you to Warren, airport manager, for his very positive welcome and how he wants to see more of these activities at the airport.

My one flight of the day was using, Back Off. Flew its 41st flight on a G79 10W. Consistent 3000 feet flight. Back Off is a modified Aerotech rocket. 36″ long, 2.5″ diameter, and painted blue. Recovery was short, at about 75 feet from the flight line to the northwest. So pleased to see Back Off fly again. If you only count vertical, Back Off flow vertical to 23 miles. My favorite rocket, if you can’t tell.

Let’s see if I can do this. Vehicles from left to right. Dale Colman, Robert & Jacob Braibish, Tim Ryerse, Joe Bevier, Keith Packard, My self, Mark Dunkle, Greg Clark, Randy Birzer, Richard Bremer (congrats for L1 cert), Chris Guenther (and family), Rick Clapp, Fred Azinger (and better half), Steve Cutonilli, Gwynn Danies, John Lyngdal

OK; the details. Total of 29 flights today.

  • A1/2 – 1
  • C – 3
  • D – 2 (1 with 6 C’s in cluster)
  • F – 1
  • G – 8
  • H – 6
  • I – 4
  • J – 4

Notable Flights:

  • Biggest motor of the day, Randy Birzer on J570
  • Best flight of the day, Fred Azinger flying 1D and 6C motors on cluster. Scored an altitude of 72 inches.
  • Best Quick Modification of the day, Greg Clark’s Kermit rocket. His 10K+ rocket, shrank, calling it Lil’Kermie.

Our newest Tripoli level one goes to Richard Bremer. Welcome to level one, get out your checkbook.

Big thank you to Robert Nech for everything to find, secure and help with access today. Deputy might yell at me; but here goes… Robert, one HELL of a find.

OregonRocket President

Thank you everyone for making this a truly special day. Looking forward to the next. Rocknech was a success!!!